You come across a bus that matches the description you were given of Professor Lloyds. Slowly walking towards it, you notice people inside, all dressed alike, staring at you and slowly making their way toward the door. A tall, heavy-set man beckons you aboard. The family gathers around you and introduces themselves, all looking glad to see a new face. They usher you to an empty seat as you notice that their leader, looking reserved but approachable at the front of the bus, has not even turned around to acknowledge your presence. Do you [[approach him]] or [[remain in your seat]]?You get up and start walking toward the front of the bus with the intent of introducing yourself to Professor Lloyd. However, the tall, heavy-set man who welcomed you aboard mere moments ago stands blocking the aisle as you approach. "The Professor needs his privacy," he says to you. A woman you met on arrival slips into your empty seat with a coy expression. "I think he'll do much better in the back," she says, "it's better for restless minds." The heavy-set man walks forwards and starts lightly pushing you down the aisle to the back. You crane your neck to get a view of the Professor before protesting "Hey, what's the meaning of this?" The family urges you to take your seat and the heavy-set man grabs your shirt sleeve. After letting out a barely-audible sigh, you start walking toward the back and take your seat. As the bus door closes and the engine starts, several of the formerly-friendly people look back at you with a stern expression. The story continues on <a href="" target="_top">Day 2</a> You slump down in your seat. The Professor gestures to the tall heavy-set man to close the door at the front, as the driver turns over the ignition. The cheerful woman sitting next to you strikes up a conversation as the bus takes off and merges back onto the road. The story continues on <a href="" target="_top">Day 2</a><center>INTERACTIVE SCENARIO</center> <center>BOARDING THE FREEDOM MACHINE</center> <center>[[PLAY |Entering the Family]]</center>